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I finish asking for my service of hosting that I do now?

In approximately 20 minutes from the moment that contracts our services arrived post office to you with the information from your access at the zone of clients, the accesses to your contracted service and a note of sale with the details to make the payment.

How I make to begin to use my domain with is service of hosting?

If your domain is .pe or .com .pe you must go to, enter with your credentials with which you registered your domain and change the DNS information.

How I accede Control Panel?

We have already sent you the access data to your Cpanel (Control Panel) simply you must enter to (replacing by all means where it indicates “” by the name of your website). Also you can accede to your Cpanel from the zone of clients in

I have my site and do post office in old my hosting, help me with the migration?

By all means that if. Nevertheless it is necessary to consider that so that the transfer has success we needed that its old supplier of hosting operates with Cpanel, does not have his blocked service and you must give the name to us of user and password of adminitración to be able to rescue his information.
In the majority of the cases the migrations are successful, nevertheless in other occasions lamentably they do not arrive at good I finish due to problems other people's to our company or service.

How I create an account of post office in Cpanel?

It is very simple you only must enter your Control Panel with the access data that already we sent to you, soon you go to the section post office and you add your account. You can see all this process of very simple form from this video

How I form my account of post office in computer?

If you already created your account of post office in Cpanel and want to form it in your computer by means of Outlook manager you can do following it the instructions that appear in the following videos according to the type device and/or type of manager:

• For Outlook 2007 Ver Here
• For Outlook 2010, 2013 or 2016 Ver Here
• Live Mail Windows to see this video See Here
• For Mail of a Mac to see this video See Here
• Thunderbird to see this video: To see Here

How I form my account of post office on my telephone?

If you have a cell phone with operating system Android reviews this video
If you have a Iphone cell phone reviews this video

How I raise my website?

In order to raise a website it needs to have formed a client FTP. In the market there are many gratuitous clients FTP who you can use. In this video we showed to you as you can raise to a website using the FIlezilla program: To see Here