At the present time, InkaHosting is a datum point when Internet speech.


InkaHosting, from its birth, has evolved to becoming is the company leader in the lodging sector Web (hosting). 2007 are a young company operating from the year, composed by personnel highly described, who emerges with force, obtaining quickly a position privileged in the panorama of Internet.
The quality is our commitment to be its company in Internet. We look for the total satisfaction of our clients, and to it we dedicated all our resources, as much technicians as human. Under this premise we realised a professional and complete service, guaranteed by a team of professionals that will cause that the presence of their organization in Internet is everything a success.

Own infrastructure and optimal connectivity

InkaHosting is one of the few companies in that has own infrastructure, that it connects his advanced Centers Data in Latin America, with its Points of Presence (MGP) in the main Centers of Peering (interchange of traffic IP).

“Real” photo of Datacenter of newsgrouphosting.com
Professional and described technical support

The support is our great priority, we take care of the doubts and incidences of our clients with the minimum response time and provide solution to all type of problems and doubts that our clients have.

Commitment of guarantee on watch

In InkaHosting we are so safe of the reliability and power of our services of shared lodging, that we guaranteed an availability of 99.9% from access to his website and we offer 30 days of guarantee against-return to him if it is not satisfied.


InkaHosting strives to constantly send new useful products for our clients. In addition we invested in improving services as: Webmail, Control Panel and Anti-virus and antiSpam using as much own developments as adapting software of third parties.