Its website faster than in no other Hosting

Our servers count on Solid discs SSD which causes that the average of load is faster 200%.

From annual s 159 + IGV

For those new projects that just begin, these services of lodging webhosting are the advisable thing.

Plans of Hosting
From annual s 599 + IGV

If its business, company or project already are consolidated, hosting with servers with greater capacity chooses.

Plans of Hosting
From monthly s 259 + IGV

Servant VPS is an isolated machine that count on own resources, the power and yield that needs.

Plans Servers VPS

Lodging webhosting that power your business

We are leaders in Hosting lodging in. Services that adapt to a variety of needs and servers implemented on more the outposts technological platforms.
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Lodging webhosting
Annual Uptime of 99,9%
Backups Daily
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Antivirus and Antispam
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Applications with 1 click
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Support 24/7

Web Shared, ideal Hosting for people or SMEs with simple and economic requirements

We gave the domain to You!

When contracting a service of hosting takes a .com domain, .net or .org
Hosting includes Softaculous
More than 300 gratuitous applications just by a Click

Softaculous that allows the installation of an ample variety applications, as for example: solutions of electronic commerce, systems of management of contents, blogs, among others. It has a easy way to realise backup copies, being allowed to accede at any time to them.

InkaHosting leaders in services of lodging Web in

Inkahosting one of the most important companies of hosting at national level, offering a service to you of high quality, not only in terms of speed and security of our servers, but also in the support post sale. You will have an attention of first level, available for you the 24 hours, every day of the year.
Unlike the present tools available in the market, our plans of hosting guarantee principle to you security, counting on the famous system anti Spam Mail Filter whom it blocks more of the 80 of the post office nonwished.
It does not matter if you look for a basic service or a dedicated servant, we guaranteed to you that your services will be always active and accessible for your clients. If your website has discharge demands, it needs to lodge many visits or it requires rapidity when loading, Inkahosting is the ideal service for you.

What is a Hosting? Lodging Web or Lodging Web?

WebHosting is the service that provides the space in Internet for the websites, is the space of a servant connected to a connection of high speed, this can store information, images, videos, files of its page or any accessible content via Web.
The lodging Web hosting consists of multiple components or utilities, can create all type of solutions developed with Javascript, programming languages as it is HTML, PHP, etc.

What I must consider before contracting a Hosting?

Everything depends than it looks for or it needs. There is hosting very economic, that do not own no type of guarantee by on its data, neither they assure a minimum stability to him its services (commonly called uptime) and also is lodging Web that a pile of things includes that we did not need.
InkaHosting offers uptime annual of 99.9%, we used hardware of last technology in our servers and we strived to have the best support available the 24 hours.

What is the servers VPS or Deprived Virtual Servant?

They are partitions of a physical servant where hardware shares, each VPS works as if a normal servant one was. Specific configurations or installation of certain modules or extensions in their servant can be established.
The VPS are a service far beyond the Shared Hosting, count on some advantages as the possibility of increasing the resources (memory, disc, etc), in addition to having resources reserved for the VPS.

It contracts hosting the best price of the market

It obtains stability, speed and the endorsement of a leader of hosting in, to a very economic price